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Interactive Playbills & Rosters

Flexible & Convenient Fundraising Tools for Your Organization

Sponsorship is essential to the life of your organization and its programs. We want to help you reach and exceed your fundraising goals. We provide integrated opportunities for on-going fundraising for all your events.


The beauty of a Browser App is that your users do not have to download anything. Users can scan a QR Code and immediately be in the right place to view your program content.

Simplified screens and large buttons allow users to easily find all the information they need. From maps to cast bios, sports schedules to booster club, sponsor ads & more. It's all there!
50/50 Raffles

From "ShindigDeals™ to "ShoutOuts" Shindig™ Fund Raising tools allow users to donate to your group directly or on behalf of Team Members. We hope to make your next event a great Shindig™!